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The ButtonBar+ Safari extension is now available!

So what is ButtonBar+? ButtonBar+ is a new extension for the Safari web browser on Mac or Windows. If you like to store your favorite bookmarks on the Safari Bookmarks bar for one-click easy access but you've run out of space then ButtonBar+ is the extension for you.

Safari browser window with bookmarks bar
The standard Safari Bookmarks bar.

With ButtonBar+ you can create a second bookmarks bar for Safari that is highly customizable and configurable. What's more, you can create additional instances of the Bar — it's like having as many one-click bookmarks bars as you wish.

The ButtonBar+ menu and bookmarks bar
The ButtonBar+ menu & bookmarks bar (click for larger image)

Once installed, you open ButtonBar+ by clicking on the icon 1 in the main Safari toolbar. You can add the current page to the bar by clicking on the + icon 2. You can create extra instances by opening the ButtonBar+ 3 menu and selecting 'Add new ButtonBar'.

When you have more than one instance of the ButtonBar, you can change between them either by using the menu 3 or sequentially by using the arrow buttons on the ButtonBar 4.

Clicking on the gear icon 5 on the far left of the bar opens the Preferences Panel…

The ButtonBar+ preferences panel
The ButtonBar+ preferences panel (click for larger image)

Once open, you can use the Panel to customize you bar. You can change the name and icon 6 of the bar, these appear in the menu. You can customize the look of the bar 7 by selecting from 10 different bar styles, 2 button styles, and 3 alignments. You can also specify wether links open in the same tab or a new tab.

The ButtonBar+ bookmark bar styles
ButtonBar+ bookmark bar styles (click for larger image)

NOTE: each instance you create has it's own Preferences Panel and can be styled individually.

You can further customize your bars by assigning label colors to important links 8 , re-ordering your links 9 and grouping them by adding dividers between sets 10.

Customizing Safari bookmarks with ButtonBar+
Customizing Safari bookmarks with ButtonBar+ (click for larger image)

ButtonBar+ also has a 'Backup and Restore' panel. This is accessed through the menu 11. Once open, this allows you to backup or restore from a backup either all your data or the currently active instance.

The ButtonBar+ backup and restore panel
The ButtonBar+ backup & restore panel (click for larger image)

You can download the demo version of ButtonBar+ for Safari below, and you can visit the ButtonBar+ site to find out more and watch the screencasts:

Download the ButtonBar+ Safari Extension Visit the ButtonBar+ Safari extension website now