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Button Bar: a new Safari Extension

Button Bar Icon

Button Bar is a new Safari Extension that allows you to create a second Bookmarks bar to store important links. Once installed, the Button Bar is displayed or hidden by toggling the button on the main Safari toolbar. You can add links to the Button Bar by opening Safari Preferences (cmd+,) and selecting the extension preferences.

Button Bar Safari Extension

From the Button Bar preferences, you are also able to customize the look of the Button Bar. By default, the style is in keeping with the Safari interface but there are also 'dark' & 'light' styles, and you are able to specify whether you want the buttons centered, or aligned left or right.

Button Bar Styles

New QR Code Generator Icon

Whilst working on this new extension, I also took the time to update my popular QR Code Generator extension. This has been updated to include similar features: the extension now features a toolbar for generating the QR Codes, and the main toolbar button toggles the status of the QR Code toolbar.

QR Code Generator Safari Extension

You can still change the Character Encoding of the generated codes from the preferences pane, and I have also added options for changing the overall look of the toolbar:

QR Code Generator Styles

You can get both the Button Bar Extension and the QR Code Generator Extension from my downloads page.

(Added 19-3-2011) I have updated the Button Bar Extension (v.1.1) to include coloured 'labels' that can be added to any button.

Button Bar Safari Extension

New Google Chrome version of the QR Code Generator extension

Chrome Extension - QR Code Generator

Back in February I created a Safari Extension to generate QR codes from the current URL. I've just completed coding an alternate version for Google's Chrome Browser.

When installed, the extension creates a new button on the browser toolbar. Clicking the button will open a popup containing a QR barcode generated from the URL of the current open tab. The barcode can then be scanned by any compatible device.

Chrome Extension - QR Code Generator

You can get the QR Code Extension for Google Chrome from my downloads page

QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator Widget

I've coded a QR Code Generator widget for Mac, which as usual can be downloaded from my downloads page. Basically it uses the Google Chart Tools to turn any string in to a QR code. You can use it to encode URLs, vCards or well, anything you want. The resulting QR Code is ready to be scanned by any mobile device with a camera & decoding software.

I realize not everyone is using Mac OS X, so I've included a plain old HTML / Javascript version in this post ↓

QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator