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Embedded Tweets kit – a design resource for Sketch.app

embedded tweets kit for sketch

Here’s another free resource for all those web designers that are using Sketch (and frankly I can’t imagine going back to Photoshop!). It’s a kit for embedded Tweets with samples: a standard text only Tweet and a Tweet with an image.

So if you’re working on a design for a site that will use embedded Tweets, just drag the appropriate Tweet in to your design and edit it to suit.

You can download the Embedded Tweets kit for Sketch from my Resources page.

Google Maps kit for Sketch.app

Google Maps kit for Sketch.app

Almost all my front-end design and interface design work is done using Sketch these days. I’m also a massive fan of Google Maps and the Google Maps API. To that end I have created this small kit for those moments when you need to create a mock-up design including a Google Map!

Download Google Maps for Sketch

Whilst I was creating the Google Maps for Sketch kit I made use of my latest app Image Vectorizer, to create the graphics.