Appiconset Generator

Appiconset Generator v1.2.0

A utility app for generating Apple appiconsets for macOS, iOS and watchOS from an original 1024 x 1024 design.

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Nextcloud Notes Client

Nextcloud Notes Client v1.4.4

Nextcloud Notes Client is replacement for the default Mac Notes app that syncs with a Nextcloud server with the Notes app installed.

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Nextcloud Bookmark Manager

Nextcloud Bookmark Manager v2.0.5

Nextcloud Bookmark Manager gives you quick access to your Nextcloud Bookmarks. You can easily add, edit and delete bookmarks, as well as filter, search and open them in your default browser.

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MDG Font Manager

MDG Font Manager v1.3.2

MDG Font Manager is a simple font manager for activating and disabling user fonts and installing fonts directly from Google Fonts.

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Responsive Resize

Responsive Resize v1.3

Responsive Resize is a tool for aiding development and testing of responsive websites. Responsive resize works like a mini-browser with an adjustable viewport which can be altered to match the dimensions of virtually any mobile, tablet or desktop device. Responsive Resize comes with over 40 preset virtual devices, but you can also add as many new devices as you requires.

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CSS3 ButtonBuilder

CSS3 ButtonBuilder v1.1

CSS3 Buttonbuilder is a Mac App that lets you visually design sophisticated cross-browser CSS3 image-less buttons. By simply adjusting the sliders for each property you have full control over the design and once you are happy with the result you can output cross-browser CSS3 markup ready to use in your style sheet.

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