Arithmetic v1.0

Software - Coda Plugin

The Arithmetic Coda 2 Plugin allows you to convert simple arithmetic in to numerical values. I originally coded it for speeding up creation of CSS — for example: if you have an element that is 342px wide and you need to pad it 4px on the left and 7px on the right and want to quickly caluculate the new width, simply type as follows:

.element {
	width: 432-4-7px;

Select the sum 432-4-7 and then press CMD+ALT+SHIFT= or select ‘Arithmetic’ from the Plug-ins menu, and the correct value will be completed.

As I say, I coded this for quick calculation of Padding, Margin, Border etc… in CSS, but it may have many other uses.



Price free
Version 1.0
Platform Mac
Requirements Coda 2.0+
Downloads 7354


  • v1.0 — initial release