ButtonBar v1.5

Software - Safari Extension

The Button Bar Safari Extension adds an extra customizable bookmarks bar. The Button Bar can be revealed or hidden by clicking the icon on the main toolbar. You can add up to 20 buttons and can choose from 3 different styles (dark, light, or Safari style). You can also choose to align the buttons left, right or center.



Price free
Version 1.5
Platform Mac
Requirements Safari 5.1+
Downloads 65113


  • v1.5 — Preferences Panel now shows in separate tab. New Preferences Panel design. CSS imporvements. Link to online documentation. Added 'Backup & Restore' feature.
  • v1.4 — Fixed bug in v1.3
  • v1.3 — Updated to work with Safari 5.1
  • v1.2 — Added an html preferences pane. Now using localStorage to save all preferences. Added preferences icon to the Button Bar. Button Bar now auto-updates when any preferences are set. Button tooltips show the button URL. Improved CSS & Javascript and general functionality.
  • v1.1 — added 'labels' to colour code individual buttons
  • v1.0 — initial release