Create Table 2 v1.0

Software - Coda Plugin

The Create Table 2 plugin for Coda 2 allows quick markup of HTML tables. The plugin works by typing a ‘shorthand’ description of the table, selecting it, then running the plugin (Cmd+Alt+Ctrl+t).


  • [t:5,6] — a plain table with 5 columns & 6 rows.
  • [th:4,7] — a table with 4 columns & 7 rows. The first row is the table header.
  • [thf:7,4] — a table with 7 columns, 4 rows, a header & a footer.
  • [tf:6,5] — a table with 6 columns, 5 rows and a footer.

Making a selection of the shorthand notation, then selecting ‘Create Table’ from the ‘Plug-ins’ menu will create the full table markup with dummy text in each cell. To create markup without the dummy text type the shorthand in CAPS eg: [TH:6,4]

Create Table 2


Price free
Version 1.0
Platform Mac
Requirements Coda 2.0+
Downloads 14934


  • v1.0 — initial release