3 cool new Safari Extensions

Announcing 3 new extensions for the Safari web browser!

Search All Safari Extension

1 Search All.

This extension installs a new toolbar to your browser from where you can search up to 15 sites simultaneously from 1 search box. By default the extension comes configured to search the following sites:

  • Google
  • Google Images
  • YouTube
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Wikipedia
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Each site can be searched individually or, by clicking on the “Search All” button, you can search all at once.

The extension is also highly configurable: want to search stackoverflow.com?* Open the Search All preferences and add it to the list! You can also control exactly which sites to include in the “Search All” results.

Preferences for the Search All extension

* in this case, the site url would be: stackoverflow.com & the query string would be: /search?q=

Typesetter Safari Extension

2 Typesetter.

This is a fairly simple extension. You may have noticed that the standard Safari text rendering tends to result in ‘fat’ looking text. This is especially noticeable when the text is light on a dark background. In some cases it can be difficult to distinguish between bold and normal font weights.

The Typesetter extension resolves this problem by enabling -webkit-font-smoothing. As well as improving the font rendering, the Typesetter extension also enables advanced typographic features such as ligatures.

Preferences for the Typesetter extension

3 Web Radio.

This extension adds a toolbar for accessing your favourite internet radio stations. The ‘radio’ can hold up to 5 stations which cab be configured by entering the URL and station name in to the preferences panel. The rest is pretty intuitive.

‘Out of the box’ it comes pre-configured to the following stations:

  • Planet Rock
  • Absolute Classic Rock
  • Jazz FM
  • Classic FM
  • BBC World Service

Preferences for the Web Radio extension

And finally – I’ve moved all my Safari Extensions to a sub-domain so here’s the place to get them: https://safariextensions.midwinter.dg.com/

Safari Extensions Page